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Trinity Sky Farms is a family run business on 90 acres that provides the highest quality one-on-one care for your horse.  We are located in Southern Middle Tennessee where summers are never too hot and winters are never too cold.  Many horses who retire from the show arena have become accustomed to a certain level of care and human interaction.  Our goal at Trinity Sky Farms is to provide your horse with that same level of care and personal attention while still allowing them a “green pasture” retirement. 

When your horse arrives, we closely monitor them for signs of stress and allow them as much time as they need to acclimate before we start the introductory process with the herd.  Also, upon arrival a photograph and/or short video of your horse will also be sent to you.

We provide natural barefoot trimming every three to four weeks, or as needed depending on your horse’s hoof growth and ware.  We can provide massage/body work for an additional charge.  A summary of your horse’s progress and any new findings will be provided at the bottom of your invoice when bodywork is done.

We offer a limited number of openings to ensure that every horse receives the highest level of care possible.  Horses are groomed and looked over every morning before being turned out.  Stalls and waterers are cleaned daily.  Every night the horses are brought in to their own fluffy stall with a full hay net, water, and salt block.  The horses are then gone over for a second time and their hooves are picked.  Medications, supplements, and/or seasonal wear (blankets, fly masks, etc.) can be part of your horses care for no extra charge if provided by owner.  The detail that goes into caring for your horse's every need is limitless.  

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Trinity Sky Farms

111 Cherokee Lane, Shelbyville, Tennessee 37160, United States

(714) 454-5658 Check us out on Facebook and Instagram www.facebook.com/TrinitySkyFarms/ www.instagram.com/trinityskyfarms/