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Trinity Sky Farms is a family run business on 90 acres that provides the highest quality one-on-one care for your horse.  We are located in Southern Middle Tennessee where summers are never too hot and winters are never too cold.  Many horses who retire from the show arena have become accustomed to a certain level of care and human interaction.  Our goal at Trinity Sky Farms is to provide your horse with that same level of show barn care and personal attention while still allowing them a “green pasture” retirement. 

We are an exclusive horse retirement facility that only offers a limited number of openings to ensure that every horse receives the highest level of care possible.  Horses are groomed and looked over every morning before being turned out.  All stalls have mats and are fully bedded with full hay nets, fresh water and large mineral blocks.  Stalls and waterers are cleaned daily.  Every night the horses are brought in to their own fluffy stalls and are then gone over for a second time and their hooves are picked.  Medications, supplements, and/or seasonal attire (blankets, fly masks, etc.) can be part of your horses care for no extra charge if provided by owner.  The detail that goes into caring for your horse's every need is limitless. 

Our price is all inclusive, with the exception of outside services and products.  We never charge for any services we provide and should there be a need for any outside services and/or products they are always owner approved so there are never any surprises in your monthly bill.  You will also receive a copy of any receipts, vet bills, etc. so there is always complete transparency. 

We know that the cost of shipping is a large factor when choosing where to retire your horse, but don't let that deter you from giving them the best life possible. People are often shocked to learn that the majority of our horses have come from California for around $1,300 via an amazing and reputable company.

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The horses enjoying a beautiful April day... 

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Trinity Sky Farms

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